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Our Why

I was tired of...

The Godfathers

Jessica the Healer

What is my Why?
My nature is to help people. For many years, I marketed for employers, and was always looking for ways to help them save money while still getting the job done. I realized that I could do the same thing for thousands of fellow marketers and creatives who just want to make great work and not be broke in the process.

Jason the Helper

Why do I want to be in The Cartel?
After fifteen years of corporate IT, I was tired of the competition, politics, and lack of appreciation. I needed an environment where I could find support and thrive, instead of being beat down by mindless bosses in a soulless corporate environment.

Heidi the Rebel

My why for The Cartel?
I was ready to be the boss instead of having a boss. I have spent many years building businesses for other people, which I still love to do, but I was ready to build my own so that I could reap the rewards. Plus working in my pj's is an added perk as well.

Cartel Members

Riley A.
Riley A.
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Riley is a new a highly talented creative. She loves photography and many other creative mediums. She has interned with a marketing company, and is still getting an education to decide what her specialty niche will be.
Rachel C.
Rachel C.
Legal Marketing
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Rachel has been a recognized name in the legal community for years. Her specialties include event and community marketing, along with a strong emphasis on web design and content writing. She has built a marketing community to mentor the next generation of marketers.
Scott C.
Scott C.
Graphic Design
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Scott has many years of experience in both the corporate world, as well as the artistic filming community of Atlanta. His mediums include photography, digital design and film making. A very diverse and creative genius that can quickly see his clients vision, and implement it deftly.

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